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        EU delayed to the Chinese market economy status of the United States has warned not to


        13, 28 members of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, for the first time on whether to give the Chinese market economic status open discussion. Timmerman J, the first deputy chairman of the European Commission, said after the meeting, is expected to make a decision in the second half. Foreign media reported the news, have to postpone the decision of the European Union, highlighting the internal EU on whether to recognize the problem of China's market economic status tangle. Economic experts He Weiwen 14, told the Global Times reporter, said the final decision of the European Union does exist a lot of uncertainty, which will be a comprehensive game of economic and trade and geopolitical interests of the country.
        The problem China market economy status in the 13 plenary session of the Commission for the first time to be included in the agenda. Timmermans in a press conference after the meeting said that China's market economy status are vital to the economic development and the future of international trade, the European Commission to from various angles to conduct a comprehensive assessment, especially the influence to the employment market in Europe, and the European Commission under the machine structure also need a few months time to collect relevant data, a formal opinion will this year this year.
        According to the Global Times reporter learned that the meeting is just a preparatory meeting for the relevant discussion set agenda. In meeting the day before, the European Commission spokesman sirines said conference aims at the direction of the debate on China's market economy status, analysis of China's request and assess the impact, not to make a formal decision. Any decision by the European Commission must be adopted by the European Parliament, and the unanimous support of member states. It is reported that the Chinese side at the end of last year to the EU said, hope that the EU market economy status Chinese admitted before the end of 2016.
        According to China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) protocol Article 15 the provisions of, in anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, the dumping margin determined can not to the actual cost of Chinese goods data as the basis, and the choice of a market economy the third country or the importing country of the same kind of similar commodities prices, that is, "alternative" approach. According to the provisions of article fifteenth, the provisions of applicable period in anti-dumping is 15 years, December 11, 2016 should expire automatically. According to "Global Times" reporter understanding, so far the world has including New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Russia and Brazil, 81 countries recognize China's market economy status, and the United States, Japan, EU and other countries and regional organizations did not admit.
        "The EU Observer", whether China market economy status given in the EU is a very sensitive topic, but also a serious problem that the EU decision-making division. With the globalization of Chinese think tank, a senior fellow at Weiwen 14 of the "Global Times" reporter said that within the EU position on the matter can be broadly divided into two categories: a class is part of Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian these positions north country, their economic development better, of self by the attitude of the trade is open; another kind is Italy, Spain and other southern European countries. They are very popular with the impact of the European debt crisis, slow recovery of economic development, very worried about Chinese products export impact on the industrial development; the position of France is rocking. Reuters said, Germany's position on this issue may affect the final decision. "Financial Times" said the German Chancellor Merkel has said that "in principle support to Chinese market economy status".
        From industries, to give China market economy status of opposition is the highest European steel and textile industry. "Financial Times" said that China had made a series of appeal of the European steel industry association said, Chinese steel excess capacity is about 4 tons, is two times more than 1.7 tons of steel production in the eu. The European Union said the industry, given the China status of market economy will bring huge negative impact to the European industry, may lead to 1 million 700 thousand to 3 million 500 thousand Europeans lost jobs. American Institute for economic policy research, Chinese admitted the status of market economy, the output will be reduced by about 2% GDP. However, Deutsche Welle said that EU diplomats are worried that Chinese refused to grant market economy status might be caused by the impact of EU China relations.
        The Commission also said that the will and its trading partners and the European business community to discuss the issue, these trading partners including the United States, "Deutsche Welle" said. According to the Financial Times reported. The United States has warned European Union not to grant China market economy status, claiming that "China if you get the preferential trade treatment may influence from the Chinese enterprises in the U. s.And European markets the dumping of cheap goods to". But Reuters quoted the 14 U.S. trade representative Frohman said the United States is negotiating with the EU, but the EU depends on how to make a decision.
        If the EU is duly acknowledged China's market economy status, the European Parliament issued at the beginning of the analysis given in the report of the four possibilities: first, for the automatic recognition of China's market economy status; second, does not recognize China's market economy status does not change the existing "surrogate country"; third, does not recognize China's market economy status, but the end of the "alternative" approach; fourth, the EU to recognize China's market economy status, but in December 2016 anti-dumping case, of China's market economy status take rebuttable presumption.
        "Regardless of whether the EU will give China the status, we are not worried, China just put their things done", said he Weiwen, even if the EU's recognition of China this status, it does not mean it later not to China Anti

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