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        Autonomous car "big but not strong", how to break?


        May 19, the State Council issued the "made in China 2025," which was officially published, as China's implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through the first ten years of the programme of action, it will focus on targeting a new generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials and other strategic focus, guide gathering social resources, promote advantages and strategic industry, the rapid development. An anonymous industry experts told the "First Financial Daily" reporter the interview said that China's auto industry "big but not strong," the key lies in China's local enterprises is not strong, outstanding performance in the core technology do not grasp, the core infrastructure components dependence on foreign too strong, unstable quality, brand strength is too low. In the global automotive industry faced with electric, intelligent today, the Chinese car in the "China made 2025" or will usher in the help of strategic development opportunities. According to the plan, China will give priority to the development of the ten major high-end equipment, including the energy saving and new energy vehicles. China Automobile Industry Association statistics show that in the first quarter, 27271 new energy vehicles, sales of 26581, an increase of 2.9 times and 2.8 times respectively. However, at present, China's new energy vehicle development also faces many problems, such as China's vehicle enterprise product development ability is weak, product consistency, key parts and components, there are still many deficiencies. For example, China's electric car products using lithium iron phosphate battery, while foreign car companies use more energy density of three yuan of materials. Although the lithium iron phosphate battery prices are relatively cheaper, but the majority of Chinese battery companies can not guarantee the quality of the battery and longer decay period. Volkswagen will continue in the next 4~5 years in the domestic production of 15 new energy vehicles, but it has been clear that the two battery suppliers are not Chinese enterprises, the reason is that this. In order to solve these problems, "China made 2025" will focus on the core parts (components), advanced basic technology, key basic materials and industrial technology base and other areas to get a breakthrough. "Made in China 2025" will closely focus on key manufacturing areas, to carry out a new generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment integration of integrated innovation and engineering applications. Support political research with joint research, the development of intelligent products and independent controllable smart devices and achieve industrialization. Auto industry and Technology Strategy Research Institute of Tsinghua University Dean of Zhao pointed out that the smart car era is not a car companies are able to do things, it requires countries and enterprises act together, the upstream and downstream industry chain linkage.

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