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        China's imports and exports fell in November


        RMB denominated, Chinese exports in November fell less than expected decline in imports was significantly better than expected.
        Customs data released today show:
        RMB denominated, Chinese November exports fell by 3.7%, is expected to decline 2.9%, the former value decreased by 3.6%;
        In November, imports fell 5.6%, is expected to decline 11.3%, the former value decreased by 16%;
        November trade surplus of 343 billion 100 million yuan, is expected to expand 2%, a surplus of 407 billion 500 million yuan, the surplus value 393 billion 200 million yuan.
        The first 11 months of this year, China's import and export value of 22 trillion and 80 billion yuan, down 7.8%. Among them, exports fell 2.2%; imports fell 14.4%; trade surplus 3 trillion and 340 billion yuan, expanded 63%.
        The General Administration of Customs said, China exports pilot index was 32 in November, compared with October down 0.8, that early next year China's export pressure is still large.
        Customs information network in the recently released "2015 third quarter economic situation review and China's import and export trade situation analysis report" said that under the lack of overall global economic recovery momentum, domestic demand continues to slump, and influencing factors, the foreign trade of our country face unprecedented difficulties, the annual import and export negative growth situation is difficult to reverse, is expected full year decline of 7.2%.
        Commodity import prices Pudie
        Imports of iron ore, crude oil, grain, oil and other major commodities, coal, steel and other reduced imports, imports of goods prices generally fell:
        China 1-11 month crude oil imports 3.02 tons, an increase of 8.7%.
        Chinese 1-11 in iron ore concentrate and imported 8.57 tons, up 1.3%.
        China 1-11 in coal and lignite imports 1.86 tons, down 29.4%.
        Chinese 1-11 in unwrought copper and copper imports 4 million 280 thousand tons, down 2.8%.
        China 1-11 months of imports of food 1.13 tons, up 27.3%; of which 72 million 570 thousand tons of soybean imports, an increase of 15.4%.
        China's foreign trade data released after the financial market reaction is obvious
        Chinese November foreign trade data released after the stock index fell to expand to 1.4%, below the 3500 point mark integer, at 3487 points. The Shenzhen Component Index, the gem index fell 1.8%. Offshore RMB plunge

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