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        The effort to build a one-stop integrated service platform for foreign trade


        Promote your corporate image
        With Dongan's Web site and print publicity materials, to help you to promote corporate image and product.
        Ha Dongan annual carrying partner to participate in domestic and international famous exhibition, to help you to seize the potential export business opportunities.
        Ha Dongan in the field of foreign trade has a good reputation in the past thirty years, through our website and display your export performance, to help you quickly win the trust of foreign buyers.
        Faster capital turnover
        Foreign currency accounts to build up trouble? Foreign financial work did not know? Worry about the exchange of foreign exchange control! From Kazakhstan to Dongan for your foreign exchange verification and management accounts.
        Let Harbin Dongan your foreign trade manager, the system of foreign exchange settlement full for your fix, export receivables collection slip, duly completed, the most important is safe! Don't be afraid of your foreign trade staff training into a hand on the job.
        Do not turn the tax rebate? Drawback slow? Ha Dongan to provide you with the rapid tax refund services, documents complete back tax immediately to the account, charges only one year of the loan interest rates for the first half.
        Free trading platform
        Harbin Dongan brokered transactions between contributed to the foreign, and you, we do not charge any commissions, as long as you specify Harbin Dongan your export business agent, the whole operation your export business can be.

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