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Harbin Dongan Import & Export Co.,ltd. is derived from Harbin Dongan Engine(Group) Co.,ltd. that is of a subsidiary company of Aviation Industry Corporation of China. From the beginning it is “Dolphin” helicopter introducing office at early 1980’s, after 30 years of trading experience, it becomes a social service company with lots of foreign trade professional.
Harbin Dongan Import & Export Company has 7 senior economic engineers, 2 senior engineers, 8 custom declarers, 5 inspection & quarantine declarers. It became advanced import and export company in 2002, and hold the title of one of the 10-biggest import and export companies in Harbin from 2006. The annual amount of import and export was 90 millions USD, and the total contracted value was 106 millions USD in 2009.
Harbin Dongan Import & Export Company not only hold the foreign trade business of Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Co., Ltd, Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co., Ltd. and their branch companies and subsidiary companies, but also provide foreign trade service to the society, and we have long-term customers. Main products of our customers belong to mechanical industry, include aviation transmissions, automotive engines, gas turbine generator sets, foodstuff machines and components. Normally we import and export approved products as above, at the same time, we have international subcontract cooperation projects based on the technology and equipments ability of Dongan Group. We had cooperated with GE Transport System, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Turbomeca France in international subcontract projects. We have experience and ability ofinternational cooperationprojects and wish to cooperate with other partners in subcontract projects.