Harbin Dongan Import & Export Co.,ltd. is derived from Harbin Dongan Engine(Group) Co.,ltd. that is of a subsidiary company of Aviation Industry Corporation of China. From the beginning it is “Dolphin” helicopter introducing office at early 1980’s, after 30 years of trading experience, it becomes a social service company with lots of foreign trade professional.

Harbin Dongan Import & Export Company has 7 senior economic engineers, 2 senior engineers, 8 custom declarers, 5 inspection & quarantine declarers......MORE>>


        AddNo.13-5 Youxie Str., Pingfang Dist., Harbin, China 

        Email: sales@dongangroup.com

        Links: Dongan Lifeng www.dalf.cn


        Collectivism, Professionalism, Honesty, Inovation

        Dongan Import & Export keeps this as the driving force for the development of enterprise, and provides high quality products and efficient services...more>>

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